Johns Email Leads on Facebook

Andrew and Khush,

Happy to heave you guys helping promote the course, and this CPA campaign. Here’s a campaign I’ve run that works, and am now handing over to you guys to be innovative with, test things out, and make money with.


Here is the targeting I’ve been using below.


I’ll accept emails from all these countries, however the performance between countries varies, and you may end up wanting to exclude particular countries. The UK was receiving a very high cost-per-lead for me, so you may want to keep an eye on the traffic there, or even not advertise there to keep a manageable cost per lead.


These are the ages I’ve seen perform the best. I would not like the age targeting to expand anywhere upwards of 40 years old, or under 20 years old, otherwise they are bad leads for my company, and I may have to cut off traffic.


These are an example of the interests that I was targeting in my advertising, and they work well. You can expand upon these interests to whatever you’d like, I just wanted to give you a sampler of what sort of targeting I’ve been doing in my advertising. Also, I can upload a custom audience to your facebook account if you’d like (I’d definitely recommend doing at least an ad group targeting a 1% lookalike, age-defined audience in the US), but I will need to do it via a screenshare. Just message me on Skype, and we will do a meeting, and I will upload the audience for you.

No Mobile Newsfeed, no audience network. Mobile traffic does not convert on this offer.

Some keywords that are working for us on Adwords are: John Chow, ian fernando, affilorama, wealthy affiliate, empower network, shareasale, jvzoo, traffup, warrior forum, stackthatmoney, digital point, etc.

Ads & Copy

The ads I were running all focused on




The images that have seem to been working are images that ‘tease’ the viewer with stats, earnings, or tricks. One of my favorite things to do is to use a voluum screenshot, the in photoshop do filter>blur>gausian blur> 3.0.

Another type of images that have worked is images of me in exotic locations, showing people ‘the dream’.




Headline Ideas:

  • I’m Looking to Work with Future Super-Affiliates, Is It You?
  • Receive 3 ‘Ready-to-Launch’ Affiliate Campaigns.
  • Become a Super-Affiliate
  • 5 ‘Homework Assignments’ to Help You Become an Affiliate Marketer
  • How an Ex-Movie Attendant Makes 7figures with Online Marketing

Ad Copy Ideas:

  • Learn the John Crestani 4-System Sequence to gain an unfair competitive advantage in affiliate marketing
  • I am amazed at the transparency of john in revealing so much of his online business to his subscribers, and showing exactly what he does to make 7figures online.

He has a really interesting story, starting out as a movie attendant, and learning online marketing over the past couple years.

i ended up signing up for his course, but the favorite things ive liked about his email list were the 3 ready-to-launch affiliate campaigns he gave out, where he shows you all the ads he uses to run affiliate campaigns.

  • Super-affiliate john crestani offers 3 ‘ready-to-launch’ campaigns to help grow his network.

Call-to-Action Buttons:

  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Watch More

Link Description Ideas:

  • Knowing these tricks will boost your ability to convert, and increase ROI.

Landing Page

Right now the landing page is If you would like to create a custom landing page, or would like a re-worked video for the landing page, contact me, I am open to new ideas.

Also, I can give you code to embed the landing page on your own domain.



The offer has been approved for you in my affiliate network. The name is ‘John Crestani Email Leads’. Search John in offers inside Nutryst Network.


Rough Numbers & Notes

CPCs for me were .14. International CPCs are lower than US, although cost-per-conversion was best in Singapore and the US. Conversion rates were highest in Singapore, the US, Canada, and South Africa. The leads for me are best in the US, so keep the US as a targeting region in your advertising. My cost per lead is below $10, unoptimized, just in the US. I am split-testing more landing pages to reduce that even further.

My goal with this campaign is ultimately ~800 email leads per day, although it will take time for me to ramp up to that point. If you are sending good quality leads, there is flexibility for me to raise the CPA you are receiving all the way to $15 or even $20 per email. This is especially true for campaigns that send a lot of US traffic, as well as campaigns that use a pre-sell page such as a survey or advertorial pre-sell.

If you intend to use a survey or advertorial pre-sell page, I would suggest you use Voluum to track lander clicks, and link to the ‘Email Submission’ page, instead of the default ‘squeeze page’ URL that I’ve been using in my own campaigns.

Andrew: Here are examples of some images I made that you can use in your facebook ads. Download your images here.

Khush: Here are examples of some images I made that you can use in your facebook ads. Download your images here.

Terry: Download your images for facebook here.

Miguel dropped out of promoting this, so if there is one more person interested in running ads for me on facebook, contact me.

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